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I grew up around a bunch of musician/engineers in the 70s, and we all know what the 70s were known for.  No, not Atari, but there was plenty of that, too.  Nope, not disco, either!  These were all guitarists and acid-rockers.   Music wasn’t just part of life, it was the reason for being, and technology was just coming into its own.

I remember at one point, one of the guys was changing the EPROM in the MXR drum-machine … okay, side note – this was way before flash memory so the drum sounds were stored on a rather large chip that required an expensive EPROM-burner to program and UV light to erase, but being able to replace the sounds by swapping chips was revolutionary.  And this was the world’s FIRST digital drum machine.  You can hear it in Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight”.  Back to my story … and the guy starts talking about how this was just another tool to use toward his ultimate goal.  He wanted to find a way to make people have an orgasm through sound alone.  Just pure audio.  An “audiogasm”

While I don’t think we can obtain that goal with current technology, it’s still an interesting goal.  The combination of music and technology is powerful.  Add high definition images, video, and maybe a little VR?  Let’s see just how far we can push the envelope, and maybe, just maybe, something interesting will happen.  An audiogasm?  Who knows!

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