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Technology can do all sorts of things.  We can call, text, email, and who knows what on a moments notice.  If you see something in a store, you can snap a picture of the barcode and get comparison prices, user reviews, and more in an instant.  I tell Google to add things to a shared shopping list.  Forgot to add something to the list?  No more texting a “Hey, get milk, too!” note because you can add it to the list and it will appear while they shop!   Our pictures can be saved to a cloud and shared with all our family and friends.  What kind of bug is that?  Google Lens will tell you, just open the assistant, tap the lens icon and then tap your bug!

Want to know what’s on TV?  No, don’t ask Google!  If you care when something is on, then you are way behind the times.  I have unlimited cloud DVR and watch things when I want.  I just say “OK Google, play Big Bang Theory on Alice” and it does it.  Alice is the name of my Vizio M Series TV with built-in Chromecast, 4K resolution, HDR10 and Dolby Vision.  It looks amazing and it was CHEAP!  Think telling Google what you want to watch is cool?  How about telling it to turn on fans, turn up the volume, or turn on and off lights?  And you can do this for about what you spend on coffee.   Seriously!  This stuff is cheap for the DIYer.  In fact, I’ll be doing a whole series of blog posts on how to set it all up!  Stay tuned!

Gone are the days when there is an emergency and you had to ask, “Does anyone have a cell phone?”  Now, they all have phones, and they are recording the emergency.  No one is calling 911 to save a life, but you can get all the details on a Live YouTube feed!

Tech Makes Us Stupid!

According to a study by the University of Austin, having your cell phone close by actually tanks your short-term memory capacity as well as your fluid intelligence (your ability to reason and solve problems).  It’s worse with your phone in hand, but just having it within reach affects your brain power, especially when it’s visible!  You have to put your phone in another room where you can’t see or hear it to stop it from affecting you.  Read it if you like!

That is just the short-term effects.  As a society, we can no longer so simple addition and subtraction since computers, cash registers, and cell phones will do it for us.  Our reliance on GPS systems has trained our brains to not even care about directions, and so our sense of direction is worse than ever.

Collateral Damage

How about deafness?  The reason your cell phones have a “safe” volume level these days is because of the number of people that are using earbuds at high volumes for prolonged periods of time.  Your kid isn’t acting deaf!  They really are!  What?  Huh?

Societies used to have major cultural events that tied us together.  The whole country might watch the same television show, or gather around a sporting event.  Now, we have 1000 channels plus funny cat videos, and everyone is off doing there own thing.

Now attention spans are narrower, too!  We have just enough attention to watch a 15 second commercial or cat video.  That’s it.  If you can’t condense it down to 15 seconds, you are bored.  In fact, most people reading this post will likely not make it all the way to this sentence before clicking on something else!

Technology Brings Us Together!


Watch this …


Technology helps us communicate, but only on a superficial level.  Yes, we can make a single post to Facebook and your whole family will be updated instantly.  Last time I called my brother, I think we talked for 2 hours.  You don’t get that kinda interaction from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or whatever.

I was at a beautiful boardwalk one time.  They had all these shops and restaurants, a movie theater, fountains, a view of the bay with boat rides, music playing outside in the gentle breeze.  And everyone around me was staring down at their phones!  Entire families, walking together but not talking.  Not even looking at each other.  I’m amazed they didn’t have more people walking into each other.  Even the young children had an electronic device in hand, ignoring the real world and the people around them.  Do the world a favor.  If you want to stare at your phone, stay home!

I kinda think that all this “social media” stuff is really a form of backlash.  We are so horribly disconnected that we gravitate toward anything that will help us feel more connected.  Websites, Forums, Blogs … anything that might steer us towards someone that we might share something in common with, even if it’s just buying the same brand of phone!  We leech on it because inside, we are totally disconnected from the real world in order to be connected to the virtual one!


Is it just possible that with less technology and more real-life connectivity (rather than virtual), we might have a few less school shootings in the US, a few less terrorists world-wide, and maybe a few less politicians!  What do you think?  Shout out below.  You know you want to!

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